New H5P content type: Virtual Tour (360)

The H5P team just released two new content types – Branching Scenario and Virtual Tour (360) – which take course development with the open source software to the next level.

Today, I want to show you what you can create with the content type Virtual Tour (360).


What is H5P Virtual Tour (360)?

With the content type Virtual Tour (360) you can use 360 (equirectangular) images to create your own 3D world which learners can explore on their own. Furthermore, you can enrich your images with additional media and interactions, like for example, videos, audios, text-based explanations, single choice questions, etc.

Another feature is that you can create multiple scenes and link them together, which gives the learner the feeling of moving between different rooms or different viewing points.


When to use H5P Virtual Tour (360)?

This content type can be used when you want to give your learners the opportunity to explore and learn within a realistic environment, e.g.

  • Onboarding program: let the learners explore their future workplace and put some real life challenges in it
  • Safety instructions: let the learners for example explore what to do or where to go in case of fire
  • Troubleshooting: let the learners find out on their own why a certain system or product is not working
  • Others: e.g. what to consider when cleaning a hotel room



How to use Virtual Tour (360)

When you choose the content type Virtual Tour (360) in H5P, a drag and drop authoring widget appears:


H5P Virtual Tour


By clicking the blue button New scene you can add a scene by uploading a 360 or normal image. Next, you can add additional media or interactions to your image.


The following H5P content types can be added to a Virtual Tour Scene:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Sound
  • Video
  • Single Choice Set
  • Interactive Summary
  • Connections to other scenes



H5P Virtual Tour example

Here is a simple example of a Virtual Tour I just created with H5P: