Create a game-based quiz with H5P Course Presentation

Today I want to show you a simple game-based quiz about mountains I`ve just created with H5P course presentation.

First, have a look at the quiz and then I`m going to tell you how it`s built:



How to create a game-based quiz with H5P

As I´ve already mentioned I used the content type “Course presentation” for this quiz. This content type allows me to navigate the user to different slides based on his or her response.


Active Surface Mode

I activated the “Actice Surface Mode”, because I wanted to create a custom navigation based on the Learner`s responses. It disables the default Course Presentation’s navigation. For the custom navigation you have to add “Go to Slide”- buttons and define to which slide the user is navigated when clicking the button.

But be careful! Once you`ve activated the Active Surface Mode you are not able to undo this. Thus, you have to be really sure if you want to use the Active Surface Mode or at least make a copy of your project before activating it.

One disadvantage of activating the Actice Surface Mode is that there won`t be a summary slide at the end of the course anymore. So currently if you want to track the learner`s progress, the course won`t be marked as “completed”.


Start slide

I wanted to add some cool effect to the start slide so that it immediately grabs the learner`s attention. That`s why I decided to use as GIF as background image. You can easily create GIFs from videos usíng an online-converter.


Sound effects

I added some sound effects for correct and wrong answers. Therefore, I simply added an audio file to the corresponding slides and set the audio-buttons to the back so that they won`t be visible.

I used the following sounds from the website

For the correct answers: “Quiz Correct Wining Victory Sound Effect” by Alexander

For the wrong answers: “Wrong buzzer” by Alexander


Climbing the mountain

I wanted to use the metaphor of climbing a mountain for showing the learner`s progress. Thus, for each correctly answered question, a flag is added to the mountain until the learner reaches the peak and the quiz is completed.


Free Download

If you want to spice up your next course with a game-based quiz feel free to download this mountain quiz template (without sounds – since they are not mine) and add your own questions .